Promotional Products Are Ideal For Creating BRAND Awareness.

Did you know Promotional Products Live On Much Longer Than All Other Advertising

Media Per C.P.I. and Cost Less Over Time!

Return On Investment Proven Positive Many Times Over


88% Of People Remember The Advertiser On A Promotional Product!


People keep promotional products. 82% say they own one

While 47% say they have kept them for over a year or more


  Fact: There is never associated waste with smart promotional products. 

Did you know over 97% of the Fortune 500 invest in promotional products?

So can you, no large budget required. 


 Here Are Some Advantages Why Promotional Products Offer The Following Positive Results:

  • Sell Products and Services - Keeps them top of mind with it prospects
  • Build Customer Relationships - Giving gifts or promotional items adds a personal touch
  • Long Lasting Life Cycle - More than one -third of promo items are kept for well over 2+ Years
  • Value - They reach more people for less money than other media 
  •  Lasting Impression - Three times more likely to make a positive impression than TV or print
  • Extend Your BRAND Reach - They're an easy way to build a consistent campaign to reach a broader audience.
  • Promote Safety Awareness
  • Superior Than Any Paper Business Card
  • Motivate People And Your Audience
  • Create And Grow Your Brand Awareness
  • Promote Team Spirit
  • C.P.I. Cost Per Impression Far Exceeds Any Other Major Media Including Social Media
  • Perfect For Launching New Products Or Services
  • Last Longer From Several Months To Years Based On The Product
  • People Love Useful Promotional Products and Gifts
  • Sends A Message
  • Perfect for New Employees, Sales Calls, Trade Shows and Conferences and more
  • The Only Form Of Advertising That You Will Hear "Thank You" From Your Audience

Did you know a quality calendar can provide 365 days of real smart advertising for your business  and your BRAND for less than a penny a day? No other media can even come close. If so you would be paying more, a lot more!

Think about this: If you handed out something useful that could be used every day,  every week, or monthly, to your targeted audience, then you are directly interacting with your audience. 

 At MDR Promotions LLC we stress the value of quality. Go with quality and your audience will experience a more valuable feeling of your organization and your brand. At the end of the day it's all about how you make people feel about your value, your brand!
They are so many smart quality interactive promotional products than can work for your organization.

Call or email us today for smart quality interactive promotional ideas to drive your brand, increase sales, support your events and provide many other benefits to enhance your brand.