Our Business Is To Promote Your Business, Your BRAND!

 At MDR Promotions we have a team of people to expand your  business and your BRAND with any audience in mind! Together we will leave a lasting positive impression!

We provide many valuable services to engage your people, your value, your logo and your BRAND!

Here are some of our service that deliver positive results:

  • Complete Website Development
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Smart Quality Useful Promotional Products
  • Generate Customer Revenue Via On-Line Stores and Product Placements
  • 100% Custom Made To Order Products
  • Event Resort Confirmations
  • Live On-Demand Print Solutions
  • Auto Race Track Days - Team Building
  • Sales Process Improvements
  • Create or improve Sales Presentation Value
  • Leading Branded Product Offerings
  • Off Site Team Building Ventures
  • A Smart Creative Working Team at MDR Promotions LLC

2002 - MDR Promotions LLC was created to help many organizations by providing creative marketing products and ideas to support your people, your value and your BRAND.

 MDR Promotions LLC is a promotional product supplier for the promotional products industry. We provide many interactive solutions and ideas to engage your audience. More and more, marketing agencies have grown to understand the importance of brand experiences and the long-term growth it nurtures for their clients. We have many types of customers from Fortune 100, Non-for -profit, to small and large organizations. At MDR Promotions we understand and realized that marketing is no longer a simple transaction- a formula- but, instead, an art. With today’s connectivity, we have to reach our customers on an experiential level if we want to be successful.

Know Your Logo, Your BRAND Can Make People Feel Great! We are all about engaging your BRAND and leaving a lasting quality impression with your audience!

We can generate revenue for your BRAND!

At MDR Promotions our years of experience stands out from any competition to deliver value to all of our customers. We provide solutions not just promotional products. We are not your typical promotional vendor. We help many of our customers deliver smart solutions to engage their targeted audience. We only partner with the best suppliers, brands and manufacturers on a global level. We are a small business and have the power to deliver savings and efficient processes over  larger competitors.

MDR Promotions offers you quality promotional products to complement your next event and support your marketing campaigns. We provide powerful multimedia presentation solutions and creative custom websites or on-line store fronts to improve your visual communications. We offer quality brands such as Sony, Samsung, Weber, Oakley, Maui Jim, Bose, Adidas, Panasonic, Cartier, Rolex, Montblanc, Cross, Swiss Army, YETI and many more.

Know this, every leading organization be it big or small has invested in smart promotional products to engage their audience and to complement their BRAND!

If you have a product in mind, just send us your logo and we will forward an email proof to you. See it before you produce it.

Call  973-769-5430 for assistance for new creative ideas.

Every customer and potential customer always gets a FREE American Made Magnetic Flag 7"x11". That is just my way of saying a little thank you for all the men and women who have served in the armed forces to defend our FREEDOM!.

We have given out thousands of American Made Magnetic Flags and will continue too.