MDR Promotions LLC was created to help many organizations by providing creative marketing products and ideas to support your people, your value and your BRAND.

Before 2002 I was a successful sales/consulting Enterprise/National Web Software employee for ADP National Accounts and Hyperion Solutions and earned President Club Awards and many other awards for Customer Excellence and Revenue Generation. I also have a deep understanding of corporate budgeting, workforce management and planning.

I realized, I liked to present my employers in the best positive light via live presentations to many C level executives and providing real business profitable solutions for each customer. Always provide value to your customers. If they don't purchase today, at least they are aware of what is available and when they are ready. They will purchase on their time. That is why scheduled follow up is so important with all potential clients.

Then I had the urge to start from the bottom and give up a solid salary. I could of not done it without the support of my wife and my family. Our goal for MDR Promotions is to provide value to every earned customer by providing Smart Quality Useful Promotional Items and help with sales, operational process and to improve customer's bottom line. Most advertising media dies quickly, Smart Promotional Products live on for much longer time and has a solid C.P. I.. That is just one reason I invested in this industry and MDR Promotions LLC.

At MDR Promotions our years of experience stands out from any competition to deliver value to all of our customers. 2002 -2018. We provide solutions not just promotional products. We are not your typical promotional vendor. We help many of our customers deliver smart solutions to engage their targeted recipients. We only partner with the best suppliers, brands and manufacturers on a global level.

MDR Promotions offers you quality promotional products to complement your next event and support your marketing campaigns. We provide powerful multimedia presentation solutions and creative custom websites or on-line store fronts to improve your visual communications. We offer quality brands such as Sony, Samsung, Weber, Oakley, Maui Jim, Bose, Adidas, Panasonic, Cartier, Rolex, Montblanc, Cross, Swiss Army and many more.

Know this, every leading organization be it big or small has invested in smart promotional products to engage their audience and complement their BRAND!

We will promote your business and provide your recipients with a positive impression. We offer the best value and competitive pricing and service over any internet promotional vendor.Once you know the differences, we'll be your choice. The main reason our business has been such a success is because of our reputation. We work closely with our customers to produce the most effective marketing materials available that will, in turn, generate leads, drive sales, and we do all this by helping our clients reduce their costs. FACT : Smart Quality Promotional products out-live many forms of advertising, such as News Papers, Radio, Television, Mailers, Internet Banners, Junk Mail and Social Media. FACT : Promotional Products is the only form of advertising that can reach all of the 5 Human Senses. That is Powerful!

If you have a product in mind, just send us your logo and we will forward an email proof to you. See it before you produce it. Call 973-244-2442 or 973-769-5430 for assistance for new creative ideas.

Every customer and potential customer always gets a FREE American Made Magnetic Flag 7"x11". That is just my way of saying a little thank you for all the men and women who have served in the armed forces to defend our FREEDOM!.

We have given out thousands of American Made Magnetic Flags and will continue too.