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CNC145674 Custom Note Cube





Our Business Is To Promote Your Business

88% Of People Remember The Advertiser On A Promotional Product!

Tel # 973-769-5430 or 973-244-2442

Introducing The Mobile DeskTop an instant table for any automobile

It doesn't get any better than this! No tools needed and installs in seconds.
Fits all make and model cars and trucks.
Fits 17" Notebooks and smaller.
Price  $18.99 eachCustom logo-ed orders call or email for pricing
The Mobile DeskTop Uses:
  • Great item for most people on the road
  • Customized with your brand, your logo
  • Fit 17" Lap Tops and smaller
  • Acts a lunch tray and beverage holder
  • Makeup top for ladies
  • Powerful promotional give away
  • Supports customer loyalty programs
  • Insert to hold pens, business cards or cell phone
  • Reward good, safe drivers
  • Quality materials and construction
  • Product life span several years

Weighs only 7ozs. but is super strong. So slim it stores neatly between the seats, under the seat, or even behind the sun visor. So versatile it also fits nicely over most front seat head rests for use in back seats!

Testimonials for The Latopper – Your Mobile Tray

Phil, I am so grateful to have the laptopper. I do not see it anywhere in retail stores. Do you sell to retail? I recommend you should, for me on the road it works great. Thank you D.M.

We purchased our laptoppers one for my wife and I use them when we are on the road. One for her car and the other for my suv. I will plan to purchase two more for my two friends that drive many miles each year. S.B.

Phil you were right. Practical, functional and less than 3 seconds, I slide to the side of my seat. Neat product, worth every dollar. I can place my iPad on it and have had many lunches using it. M.M.

Great product for any driver. No more lunch food on my clothes. T.C.

I ordered food recently at Sonic and the waitress asked if I purchased it from them.  I mentioned your name, maybe they will call you. It works so well, thank you B.D.


Call 973-769-5430 for pricing and quantities needed or email us at info@mdrpromotions.com

Note: Do not use The Laptopper while operating vehicle. Vechicle must be parked or stopped at all times.

Made of durable, washable nylon.






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